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Tsukiji Daiwa Sushi

The Best Places to Go for Sushi Adventures in Tokyo

Tsukiji Daiwa Sushi

A culinary adventure in Tokyo will not be complete without eating sushi. Luckily, the city is brimming with sushi-ya (sushi restaurants), hole-in-the-wall eateries, and other dining options where you can enjoy great tasting sushi. Whether you are looking for a kaiten-zushi (sometimes referred to as sushi train restaurant) or a traditional Japanese cuisine restaurant, here are some of the best places to explore if you want to eat sushi in Tokyo.

Known as one of the top shopping districts in the city, Ginza is not only home to high-end stores. It also boasts of several restaurants. Some of the most popular sushi places in the area are the Ginza Sushi Aoki and Sushi Ginza Onodera.

Harajuku is a popular youthful and trendy shopping area that is home to the famous Takeshita Dori. But it is not all about fashion and interesting cafes here. Exploring the streets of Harajuku will lead you to some delicious discoveries as you stumble upon restaurants that serve sushi the traditional way.

Shinjuku offers a wealth of choices even for the pickiest eaters. You can find many kaiten-zushi restaurants as well as other dining options that offer traditional sushi experience. For some of the most sublime sushi you can find the area, check out places like Kyubey, Numazukou, and Otaru Masazushi Shinjuku Branch to name a few.

Tsukiji Fish Market
Tsukiji is one of the most popular destinations in Tokyo. And you simply cannot miss this place on your food adventures in the city. The famous Tuna Auction is just one of its many unmissable attractions. Its inner and outer markets, especially the latter, boast of numerous food stalls and shops where you can find a wide selection of mouth-watering foods. You can enjoy a delicious sushi breakfast at Sushi Dai and Daiwa Sushi among others.

Green Tea Kit Kat

8 Best Sweets and Snacks to Try in Japan

If there is one place on the planet where you can find such a wide array of sweets and snacks, it would be Japan. Finding them is easy. The tough part would be choosing which to pick given the many options available. And here are just some of them.

1. Anmitsu
One of the classic Japanese desserts, anmitsu is a delightful mix of flavors and texture. This delicious treat is made using ingredients like agar (kanten) jelly, fruits, sweet red bean paste, mochi, and ice cream. It is commonly served with a bowl or small pot of mitsu (black syrup) on the side.

2. Castella
Kasutera or Castella is another one of the classic Japanese treats. It is a sponge cake widely popular in the country.

3. Crepes
Crepes are widely available in Japan with plenty of shops selling the delicious treats. What makes Japanese crepes different from their French counterparts would be the type and range of ingredients used inside them.

4. Daifuku
Also known as Daifukumochi, daifuku is a sweet treat made with small round-shaped glutinuous rice cake or mochi and fillings like anko (sweetened red bean paste) or ichigo (strawberries).

5. Dango
Hanami dango
Dango is Japanese dumpling made with rice flour. It is commonly served on a stick and comes in many different types like bocchan dango (three colour dango), chadango (green tea flavor), hanami dangomi (three colour dango served during hanami), tarashi dango (served with a topping of syrup made with shouyu, starch, sugar), and more.

6. Kakigōri
Kakigōri is a Japanese dessert made with shaved ice topped with syrup and condensed milk or some type of sweetener like anko.

7. Kit Kats
Japanese Kit Kats
You might wonder why Kit Kat would be on this list when it’s something you will probably find at the supermarket near you. But Japan has brought the chocolate treat to a whole new level with an amazing array of flavors. Some of the must-try are the Creme Brûlée, Golden Citrus, Hot Chili, Pumpkin Cheese Cake, Purple Sweet Potato, Red Bean Sandwich, Rum Raisin, Japanese Sake, Shinshu Apple, Strawberry, and more. And if you can try only one, pick the Green Tea (Matcha) Kit Kat for the great tasting blend of quality matcha and chocolate.

8. Melon Pan
Melon Pan
Melon pan is a type of Japanese sweet bread or bun. Its name refers mostly to its shape and not its flavor. Eaten as dessert or snack, melon pan is one of those quintessential sweet treats that deserve to be part of your Japan experience.


18 of the Best Reasons to Visit Japan


Japan is a place best experienced than explained. From its ancient traditions and landmarks to its breathtaking views and everything else in between, the Land of the Rising Sun is brimming with fascinating attractions. If you need more reasons to go, here are some of the best ones why you should visit Japan at least once before you die.

1. Its art, culture, tradition, and people. The country has managed to strike a balance between its ancient roots and modern innovations.

2. Japanese aesthetics and its ideals. Concepts like wabi-sabi (the value of imperfection and impermanence of beauty), miyabi (refinement), and yūgen (depth or mystery) are just some of the things that will make you think about the Japanese sense of beauty.

3. The peace and tranquility one can find in its many temples and gardens.

4. Its beautiful castles.

5. Its enchanting villages and charming old post towns. Not to mention its cat islands.

6. The impressive shinkansen or Japanese bullet trains.

7. The breathtaking sight of cherry blossoms in bloom and seeing people celebrate hanami also known as the cherry blossom festival.

8. The glorious food like Sushi, sashimi, ramen, gyoza, Japanese soba, sukiyaki, tempura, tonkatsu, yakitori, onigiri, and so much more.

9. The beverages and drinks like matcha, genmaicha, sakura tea made from cherry blossoms, sake, amazake, happoshu or low malt beer, Japanese whiskey, craft beers, and momoshu or peach liquor among others.

10. The festivals like the Gion Matsuri in Kyoto, Kanda Matsuri in Tokyo, and the Yuki Matsuri or Snow Festival in Sapporo among many others.

11. The vending machines.

12. The convenience stores and the wide array of scrumptious treats you can find in them including the many-flavored Japanese KitKats.

13. The robots, technology, and gadgets including the famous high tech Japanese toilet.

14. Anime and manga.

15. The quirky cafes and restaurants like maid cafes, cat cafes, ninja restaurants, robot-themed cafes, and more.

16. The onsens or Japanese bathhouses that offer a unique experience.

17. The ryokans or traditional Japanese inns and the capsule hotels.

18. And the stunning nature scenery that can be found across the country.